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Ready Set - and here we GO

It’s a new day, a new Board and a new President writing these articles.  We have a great new board: one that has a lot of good ideas and is not afraid to try them out.  We have met twice already, once in June and our retreat in July.  We have a good mix of returners and rookies which makes our discussions both interesting and exciting.  I look forward to a great year with this board.

Our eight Tech Trek girls have returned from U.C. Davis where they spent a week learning that science is really cool, and it is okay to love anything STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).  You will be able to meet them on Sunday, September 13th, at our first General Meeting of the year. (You can find more information on this meeting elsewhere in this newsletter.)

You can bring friends, especially prospective members, with you to this meeting, so let’s have a good turnout to welcome these girls and their parents.

We have a full schedule of programs for this year including two in October: a new member introduction to AAUW and, of course, BUNCO, which is a fundraiser for scholarships.  We currently have over 90 members in our branch, with several new members who have joined over the last year.  I hope to see all of you at one of our events.  If we haven’t met before, please introduce yourself. 

Let’s have a great year!

Carol Waechter


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BOARD MEMBERS, 2015-2016:

President: Kathleen Shaffer
President Elect: 
Treasurer: Karen Fleming
Secretary: Jackie McGinnis
Membership VP: Connie Meyers and Norma Sexton
Program VP: Sheryl Peterson and Barbara Gerletti-Weiss
Nominating Committee Chair:  Delana Ruud


AAUW Funds:  Open
Books for Books: Mary Walker
Bylaws: Pam Hart
Capitol Corridor IBC: Mary Ellen Oliveiera
E-Mail Coordinator: Kathleen Shaffer
Event Booths: Pam Hart, Carol Hachmeister
Historian:  open
Hospitality Chair:    
International Dinner: Carol Francis, 
Interest Group Liaison: Nadine Fralick
Library Trip Coordinator: Delana Ruud
Newsletter Editor: Sandra Scott
Parliamentarian: open
Public Policy – Mary Ellen Oliviera, Michelle Kalina
Communication Chair: Natalie
Section Coordinator: Nadine Fralick
Scholarships: Joanne Kutzman & Mary Walker
Tech Trek: Bonnie Wilson
Telephone Tree: Pat Holm
Voter Registration: Sue Dings
Website: Pam Hart


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