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Fasten your seat belts—it’s going to be a trivial night! Time to tackle your friends who know who was originally cast as the Tin Man and how many children Angelina Jolie has. The fourth annual Auburn AAUW Trivia Bee is coming, and the theme this time is Hello Hollywood! The exclamation point stresses fun.

From 5 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, March 28, the champions for two years running, The Rusty Wranglers (Walter Wilson, Mike Otten and Dean Prigmore)— plus new and returning teams—will gather to entertain and delight and compete against each other concerning their knowledge of show biz and its capitol. Teams are encouraged to choose a film genre--like Westerns, Pirates, Film Noir, Fantasy--to behave in the manner of, or dress in the manner of. And this is only the beginning of the craziness!

A fundraiser for scholarships for local women and girls, AAUW’s Trivia Bee once again delights at Regional Park Gym, 3770 Richardson Drive in Auburn. Dinner is catered by Laura Kenny’s Real Food, and the event includes no-host wine and beer, a raffle, plus emcee Dave Rosenthal--as well as huzzahs, applause and encouragement from the audience. This means you!

For information, email rushton@suddenlink.net, or phone 530-878-7938.

 So--be there or bee trivial!

The Miss Bee Havens of Eisley's Nursery return!

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AAUW's Trivia Bee!

5-9 p.m.

Friday, March 28

   Theme: "Hello Hollywood!" 

  Great Event - see photos below from 2014

Rusty Wranglers - Winners of 2013 and 2014 Trivia
Sugar Plump Fairies - Where's Waldo???
Dave Rosenthal - Emcee for the evening
Good news! Dave is returning this year!